​Our management and directors have been everywhere, our professional staff includes accountants, attorneys, doctors, investment managers and executives with a broad range of experience.

professional business consulting

“I was looking for, and found in the team at Premier, a passion for business and new ideas, a willingness to partner on an equal footing, and be flexible. They are supportive and understand what it takes to create a successful and striving new company."

Guy Cloutier


​Sequant Re


  • Acquisitions
  • Funding
  • Turnarounds
  • Management
  • Execution


A wealth of knowledge


Excess capital is allocated into both public and private securities...including equity and debt.

Distressed companies that require capital or managerial experience to turn them around are of significant interest to us.

Premier Diverisified Holdings Inc. invests in startup businesses or joint partnerships that have potential to generate signficant free cash flow over time.

Premier Diversified Holdings Inc. is interested in acquiring whole businesses for the long-term.  A good home for your life's work!

Startups / Partnerships


Distressed Companies

Whole Businesses